When Does  Substance Intoxication Delirium Develop?

When Does  Substance Intoxication Delirium Develop?

Delirium is actually a side effect of using drugs or alcohol, believe it or not. So what substance intoxication delirium is? Delirium is when your brain kind of loses control of the ability to understand or process what is going on around it. That’s when you start to feel a bit crazy.

Intoxication delirium can and does occur if you end up drinking or doing too man drugs to the point of severe intoxication. It’s not the same as being way too tired or being sick and everything not making sense around you. No, acute drug intoxication is wild and dangerous and can lead to intense and hazardous episodes.

The Symptoms of Delirium

Alcohol intoxication delirium has a few symptoms that are very common for it so that you can notice when it may be happening to you or someone else.

You may be unable to really focus your attention on things along with needing everything repeated over and over again, excessively. You could also have issues remembering things even if they have just happened like five minutes ago. You may not know the date or other relevant information, and that can be really jarring and scary.

You could have issues walking and may stumble or bump into things, or have issues seeing what is right in front of you. Your brain just is not processing stuff properly.

Delirium can happen right after taking drugs or alcohol, and there’s no need for buildup. This sudden occurrence can be frightening and unexpected.

It can also happen as a symptom of withdrawal, which means if you stop taking drugs or alcohol you can experience delirium as a side effect. Withdrawal is when your body getting used to existing without the drug and can often be painful or uncomfortable, and delirium is a reason why you should never attempt to go through withdrawal alone because it can be dangerous.

Many different drugs can induce delirium, and they include:

–    Alcohol intoxication delirium

–    Cannabis intoxication delirium

–    Phencyclidine intoxication delirium

–    Other hallucinogen intoxication delirium

–    Inhalant intoxication delirium

–    Opioid intoxication delirium

–    Sedative intoxication delirium

–    Hypnotic intoxication delirium

–    Anxiolytic intoxication delirium

–    Amphetamine intoxication delirium

–    Other stimulant intoxication delirium

–    Cocaine intoxication delirium

–    Other substance intoxication delirium

–    Unknown substance intoxication delirium