We Know How To Stop Using Crack

We Know How To Stop Using Crack

Crack can be a hard addiction to quit; there is no doubt about that. There is no reason to be ashamed if you are suffering from crack addiction and don’t know how to start recovery. That is why resources exist, to help get you started.

Can I Just Quit Cold Turkey?

The longer you have been using a drug, the harder it is to quit it. That is just a fact. This is because drugs alter your brain chemistry when you become addicted, and it makes you need the drug. The longer you have been using and the more of a drug that is in your system, the harder it is.

If you have been using a lot of it for a while, you probably have a physical dependence or addiction. Physical dependence is when your body had adjusted to the drug use, and now if you stop taking it, you can experience many uncomfortable symptoms.

If you aren’t sure if your body is dependent on crack, then try not to use it for a little bit. If you start having an uncomfortable reaction and crave the crack, then you probably are dependent.

Over time your body also grows tolerant to the effects of the drug. This means that you need a higher dose of the drug to feel the effects the same way. This leads to you using more of the drug, which causes addiction to worsen.

If you find that you don’t have severe symptoms from not using crack for a while, then try to wean yourself off of it by using less and less over time.

What Happens Next?

Withdrawal begins soon after you quit using crack. Your central nervous system basically has a bit of a freak out because it doesn’t know what to do without cocaine in the system. It can cause depression or for everything to feel super slowed down around you.

Crack helps release more dopamine through neurotransmitters in your brain. Once you quit using crack, your mind may not know how to make dopamine as well on its own. It definitely won’t release as much as you’re used to which can really push depression on you. Long term effects of crack might even mean you have trouble feeling pleasure at all for a while.

Side Effects Of Quitting Crack

More than just withdrawal, there are often a number of side effects that follow quitting crack. These include:

–    aggression

–    anxiety

–    craving for the drug

–    depression

–    fatigue

–    mental disturbances

–    mood swings

–    nausea

–    pains

–    restlessness

–    sleep disturbances

–    suicidal feelings

How To Stop Taking Crack

Getting into recovery is your best option for quitting crack. Inpatient facilities are quite common, and with medical staff on site to help you through detox you have a higher chance of quitting.

Group therapy is also often used along with the usual treatment. Knowing other people out there have suffered addiction can really help.