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At the Jeremy Jackson Drug Abuse Treatment Center detoxification is one of the most critical first steps to recovery. Detox is necessary because it helps get rid of all the addictive substance that is in your body.

Depending on the symptoms and severity there may be medications used in treatment. They can help patients wean off the drug or make the painful withdrawal symptoms less strong.

Detox isn’t always a step if people aren’t extremely addicted, but it’s important for those who need it. Before the right treatment begins we need to be sure all the drug is eliminated from your body.

Residential Treatment

Staying for residential treatment is quite common. Pulling an addict out of the setting that can keep linking them to addiction is very helpful. They need a quick system reset. Staying away from home can give them that break they need to help them start over.

They live on site and participate in multiple programs to help them recover. It’s important to relearn skills and coping mechanism so they don’t turn to drugs in times of stress. We have both individual and group therapy available.

Group therapy has shown to be very effective when it comes to addiction treatment. This is because it is important to know that they are not alone and there are others who have gone through this. It’s very easy for them to feel set apart from others, so we remind them that they aren’t alone.


Outpatient Programs

We also provide outpatient programs for those who don’t need the intensity of our residential program. There are different levels for addiction, and some people might start getting help long before they would need a full reset.

Outpatient programs have daily meetups with doctors and teams and support groups to help figure out what our patient needs. You are expected to check in but still be able to maintain your normal life and job.