Difficulties While In Cocaine Rehab

Difficulties While In Cocaine Rehab

Going through cocaine withdrawal alone is not an option. That is because cocaine addiction is very serious and withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Medical help is sometimes necessary, and you shouldn’t try it by yourself.

Cocaine is a very addictive drug. It is a stimulant drug that is formed from the coca plant native to South America. There they chew the coca leaves to stay awake, but they get very little of the drug from it. It is more like caffeine. When extracted pure cocaine is a highly addictive substance.

Many people who use cocaine regularly use high doses. This can lead to extreme psychological or even physiological effects. Cocaine affects the central nervous system which can cause a lot of issues and side effects.

Some side effects of cocaine use include:

–    A supercharged energy rush.

–    A feeling of extreme confidence or invincibility.

–    Increases in heart rate and blood pressure.

–    Paranoia.

–    Short-term euphoria.

–    Talkativeness, sociability, and decreased inhibition.

Originally cocaine was meant to be used as an anesthetic for surgeries. That is no longer the case. Use of cocaine in the United States is now illegal in any manner.

Why Is Cocaine So Hard To Quit?

Cocaine basically messes up how your brain responds. It confuses your reward system to try and make you feel good or have a high. The longer you use cocaine and gain pleasure from it the more complicated and difficult it is to quit.

Using cocaine regularly can easily cause physical dependence. This is when the body has grown the use to the drug’s effects and can’t produce chemicals normally without it. In the case of cocaine, your body produces high levels of dopamine when you take it.

Without cocaine it might not even know how to produce it, meaning it can be impossible actually to feel pleasure. This can lead to depression or the continued use of cocaine in order to feel pleasure.

Once you’ve grown physically dependent the body feels that it can’t even function normally without cocaine. If you don’t use cocaine as you normally would then your body starts going into withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable or painful and ultimately cause you to relapse into cocaine use again. They usually last quite a while and can be hard to handle alone.

Why Is Stopping Cocaine Dangerous?

Trying to quit cocaine cold turkey can be dangerous because of the withdrawal symptoms mentioned above. If you stop quitting cocaine the withdrawal effects can start giving a really strong craving for cocaine, which makes it almost impossible to quit without help.

Medical supervision is recommended and necessary for quitting cocaine. This is because some withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful or cause hallucinations or psychosis. Doctors need to be there to keep you and others safe.

Sometimes the attempt to quit using cocaine can cause suicidal thoughts or actions. This is part of the reason overcoming an addiction to cocaine can be so difficult.