About Center

Jeremy Jackson’s Drug Abuse Treatment Center

When it comes to treatment for addiction, it is important to have the best care possible. That’s why you should take a look at our facilities. Providing top notch care is one of our goals. Our medical staff is onsite and trained to deal with drug addiction.

It can be hard going through drug addiction alone. It is important not to try going through withdrawal without a doctor because it can be dangerous. Our treatment center provides a safe place to detox and then helps get the recovery you need to move forward.

About Founder

Jeremy Jackson

If you have ever watched Baywatch, then you have seen Jeremy Jackson in action. Jackson is a celebrity and former addict who wanted to use his experience to help benefit others. He also produced two albums in 1994 and 1995.

Drug issues are part of why Jeremy Jackson left Baywatch, but he has since moved on and lived the sober life. He wants to make sure others have the same opportunities he did. That’s why he opened the Center.

Jackson knows that rehab can save lives and he wants to contribute to his community the best way he knows how.